How To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

3 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

We get asked all the time, “What are the best ways to stop sugar cravings?”. It feels as if people have been trying to figure out how to stop sugar cravings since the beginning of time. And yet, here we are, still trying to figure out how to stop sugar cravings for good.

While you may be hoping to find a simple 3-step plan to stop sugar cravings once and for all, in reality, it still requires willpower on your part. Yes, some foods curb sugar cravings, and you can figure out how to stop sugar cravings with nutritional supplements, all of which we will discuss. But, at the end of the day, figuring out how to stop cravings, according to nutritionists, also comes down to your day to day habits.

So, if you want to figure out how to curb sugar cravings once and for all, then you’re in the right place. Fire up that willpower, and let’s get started.

       1. Get Enough Sleep
       2. Eat Healthy Carbs
       3. Drink Your Protein

Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings: Get Enough Sleep

Yes, when you don’t get enough sleep, you are much more susceptible to food cravings of all kinds. When the body is exhausted, it’s in a state of stress, and what do we do when stressed? We slip into default behavior and seek comfort, often in food. So by getting the right amount of sleep, you can curb sugar and carb cravings.

Curbing carb cravings is essential because simple carbs, such as pastries and your typical short stack of pancakes, are processed by the body as what? You guessed it: sugar! So it’s sugar on top of the sugar.

So make sleep a priority, aiming for 6-8 hours every night. Not only will it help curb cravings, but you’ll also just feel so much better throughout the day.

And if that is not enough to convince you, then remember that lack of sleep is also not great for the skin and overall complexion. So if you get enough sleep, not only will you have more energy and reduced sugar cravings, but you’ll also look fabulous!

Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings: Eat Healthy Carbs (or Eat Like Your Great-Grandparents)

Speaking of carbs, eating healthy carbs can help you curb sugar cravings as well! As mentioned before, eating simple carbs, aka white bread, pastries, etc., will only spike your insulin levels (which will eventually crash and then lead to more cravings) because the body processes simple carbs as sugar. The opposite happens when you eat healthy carbs, also known as complex carbs. Complex carbs make you feel fuller for longer and don’t cause insulin spikes.

Aim to get most of your carbs from whole foods, such as whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa), fruit, vegetables, and dairy. Basically, if it was a carb source good enough for your great-grandparents, it is good enough for you!

The upside is this; if you eat fruits and certain vegetables such as sweet potatoes, they come with natural sugars and are in healthy moderation! So not only can eating whole foods help supply you with complex carbs while satisfying cravings, but it can also give you a healthy dose of natural sugar.

See, your great-grandparents knew what they were doing.

Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings: Drink Your Protein

By integrating a protein supplement into your diet, you help your body fight off sugar cravings in two ways. First, if you drink a high-quality protein meal replacement shake, such as LadyBoss LEAN®, you are getting a full profile of vitamins, minerals, and protein. But along with all of that, you are also getting a healthy meal that tastes like vanilla cake but without all the sugar!

Excusie? Did someone say “cake”?

Yes, cake! LEAN provides you necessary nutrients (not to mention supports weight loss), helps curb sugar cravings, all while tasting like vanilla cake. Ta-dah!

“Wait, didn’t you say that there were two ways a protein supplement helps curb sugar cravings?”

Indeed! Along with a delicious, sugar-craving busting flavor, high-quality protein shakes also provide another essential ingredient in the fight against cravings, and it’s all in the name. We’re talking about protein! Like complex carbohydrates, protein helps curb cravings because it takes longer for the body to break it down, meaning you stay feeling fuller for longer.

Why is that important? Because more often than not, cravings are your body’s way of simply saying it is hungry (or even thirsty for that matter, so also make sure you’re drinking enough water). Therefore, if your body is eating healthy, high-quality foods (and getting enough water), it will feel satisfied for longer, and your sugar cravings will decrease.

Your Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings

When it comes to finding ways to curb sugar cravings, let’s take it back to the beginning: it will still require willpower on your part. So while what we’ve listed here may seem like a simple 3-step plan to eliminate sugar cravings, it is just the beginning.

Are you someone who only gets four to five hours of sleep at night? Well, you have to set your mindset on figuring out how you can get closer to six to eight hours of sleep and then make it happen. The same goes for adding more whole foods into your diet. When you’re out grocery shopping, swap the Swiss Cake Rolls with some sweet potatoes and fruit.

It isn’t easy, but with enough willpower, you can do it. Do it, then do it again, until one day it’s a natural habit instead of something you have to make yourself do.

Start with these three ways to stop sugar cravings, integrate them, and master them. Because once you do, and the sugar cravings lose their grip on you, then lady, you will see that there is nothing you can’t do!

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† These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.